Little Secrets Series

Written under the pseudonym Emily Blake.

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Playing With Fire

Her mother is in jail. Her best friend betrayed her.
Whom can Alison trust?

Backstabber Kelly has the world at her feet
Whom will she step on next?

Sweet, handsome Chad seems like the perfect boyfriend.
What is he hiding?

Tough-as-nails Zoey is out for revenge.
Is she more vulnerable than she thinks?

Loyal friend. Bitter rival.
Which is the real Tom?

No Accident

Kelly let a secret slip, and now she's being blackmailed.
Will she pay up...or strike back?

Tom must decide where his loyalties lie.
How much will he risk to get what he wants?

Alison is caught in a dangerous game.
When will she make her next move?

Zoey just earned herself a new best enemy.
Is she up for the fight?

Chad knows that appearance is everything.
How far will he go to mask the truth?

Over the Edge

Cruel, gorgeous Kelly never plays nice.
What is she really after?

Hot-tempered Tom is spiraling out of control.
Who will he hash out at next?

Only one person can save Tom from destruction.
Will Zoey take the risk?

Her father has vanished. Her house is empty.
Will Alison finally give up the fight?

Chad would trust his best friend with his life.
Good thing Tom would never betray him, right?

Life or Death

Chad is in a coma, fighting for his life.
Will he pull through...or take his secrets to the grave?

Tom blames himself for what happened to Chad.
Will he get to apologize before it's too late?

Only Zoey knows the truth about the accident.
But who will believe her?

Alison must choose which path to take.
Will she follow her head or her heart?

Nothing can stop Kelly from getting what she wants.
Has she finally met her match? 

Nothing but the Truth

Rule One for heartbreakers: Don't fall in love. 
Is ice queen Kelly starting to melt?

For Alison, this is the moment of truth. 
Will her big lie come back to haunt her?

Zoey owes a favor that she knows she can't refuse. 
Is she making amends...or walking into a trap?

Chad is missing a key piece of his past. 
Whose version of the truth will he choose to believe?

Tom messed up, big-time, so he's trying to set things right. 
Is he willing to give up what his heart wants most?